12 May 2017.Wooltex, Huddersfield.
12 May 2017.Wooltex, Huddersfield.


All internal production departments at WooltexUK are subject to rigorous QC checks and all procedures which can have an effect on product quality are documented within our ISO 9001 system.  All employees are extensively trained to ensure their proficiency and are actively encouraged to be closely involved in the quality system and propose change where they feel improvements could be made. Where product or process problems do arise all employees participate in an internal defect reporting system which acts as an advance warning system for later processes and also ensures full review of the problem to prevent reoccurrence.

It is our policy to use approved local suppliers wherever possible in the manufacture of our products and we insist that services and components sourced from external suppliers are produced to the same high standards we set for ourselves. Our local approach ensures fast, high quality production and minimises costs.

100% inspection is carried out in house to assure customer satisfaction and make certain the highest standards are maintained. All colour approval is carried out objectively.

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