environmental policy

Wooltex UK is committed to reducing the impact of our operations on both the local and global environment. We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and are always looking for ways to further reduce waste and minimise emissions generated by our business. The company complies with all relevant environmental legislation. Extensive work has been carried out to ensure compliance with ISO 14001 for which we were accredited during 2017.

We actively promote recycling and have created a product range designed to have minimal environmental impact in both production and distribution. All Wooltex UK staff are keenly aware of our duty to reduce the environmental impact on our planet and we enlist their support

in improving the company’s performance as well as encouraging the adoption of similar principles by our suppliers.

All investments in new plant and machinery have been made after fully considering the impact of these on the environment. As a result we have installed dyeing machinery using the lowest possible dye liquor ratios and all finishing processes have been optimised to ensure the lowest possible reduction our water and chemical usage. Our supply of water to the mill is from our own bore hole source and all effluent leaving the mill is controlled to meet exacting standards.

Most lighting within our premises is LED and we have solar panels generating electricity.

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